For a lead survey, lead paint survey or lead register YOU NEED US. LeadSurvey are the only 'total lead' specialists in UK construction.

If you're not using us already, you're probably 'at risk' and non-compliant.

LeadSurvey measures 'total lead' hazards on-site. Paint flake ‘test only' results, in %, ppm, µg/g or mg/kg, are "unusable" for risk assessment. Call us now if you’re concerned about lead exposure or compliance. Lead surveys are a legal requirement for good reason, but few seem to know this. So, it's best to be safe...

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LeadSurvey provides everything from pre-construction lead paint and dust survey information to end-of-project clearance testing and certification, including: training; consultancy; biological and environmental monitoring; and specialist products to support your in-house management and good practice.

Whether you need to identify lead hazards or have already done so, as required by law, THE POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION OF LEAD IN PAINT, DUST OR OTHER LEAD CONTAINING MATERIALS (LCMs) SHOULD ALWAYS BE TAKEN AS A WARNING about likely ‘significant’ exposure risk and hazardous waste issues.

Whatever the nature of your lead concerns our service is unrivalled. You can rely on us to provide all the expert advice and technical input you need to protect your people, projects, profitability & public relations.

If you already have a lead paint inspection or lead test report, based on 'traditional' laboratory analysis, copy it to us and we'll talk you through it. At best, it's likely to be "unusable" for any meaningful risk assessment. At worst, it could be entirely misleading. If you want to be 100% sure, give us a call.

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Ready when you are...

As you'd expect, we deliver the most comprehensive capability available to those organisations and individuals working in refurbishment, decommissioning, demolition and related activities. On-site lead exposure risks are much more commonplace and far more toxic than is realised – in terms of health, programme, project cost, reputational and compliance risk.

ACT NOW: Call us to clarify your position and next steps...

Lead hazards and exposure risks tend to be unexpected because of the widespread lack of awareness. You need quick information and answers before deciding on your next steps, so call us now to minimise potential exposure risks, programme delays and cost overruns. Whether your need really is URGENT, a little less so or you have time in hand, we can be as flexible as you need us to be.

TAKE CONTROL: Combine LeadCheck® & LeadSample before a LeadSurvey

For compliance on commercial projects lead hazards MUST be quantified. (DIYers may ignore this.)
The POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION OF LEAD IN PAINT and DUST SHOULD ALWAYS BE TAKEN AS A WARNING about the likelihood of ‘significant’ lead exposure risks – whatever your method of testing or measurement. URGENT problems need urgent solutions, so give us a call before things start to get out of hand.

YOUR WAY: Balance your priorities & your budget. Devise a proportionate response.

Choose any combination of LeadSurvey’s unique range of specialist sampling and testing products, and XRF-i lead survey and measurement services, to ensure a proportionate and cost-effective approach to your lead risk management needs.

Case study: In order to provide a cost-effective solution to a long-distance client, we were able to use our real-time analysis and reporting capability to generate site-specific lead survey findings ON THE SAME DAY that we provided follow-on lead awareness training, project risk review and SalivaCheck services.


Our clients rely on our unique expertise and capability to deliver dedicated support at every stage of the built asset life-cycle - from CDM pre-construction lead survey information to end-of-project clearance testing and certification.

For organisations operating in the refurbishment, decommissioning and demolition sectors, on-site lead exposure risks are far more toxic than is realised – in terms of health, programme, project cost, reputational and compliance risk.

Clients & Projects

Our reputation is built on effective use of the latest technology, proprietary analytical techniques and a thorough understanding of how best to meet the needs of our clients.  Since 2006, we have worked on projects in most areas of commerce, industry and the public sector, involving:

Abbeyfield Homes Allianz BBC Cablesheer Group EDF Energy Environment Agency Interserve ISG plc Keepmoat London Boroughs of Merton, Hammersmith & Fulham Mouchel Network Rail NHS Royal Borough of Greenwich Scottish Power Vinci plc

The LeadSurvey Difference

Our XRF-i-based lead survey approach outperforms the traditional method of laboratory paint flake analysis. It overcomes the problems associated with limited sampling, poor sample quality, extended reporting times and the inevitable risk of dangerously under-estimating actual on-site lead hazards 'as found'.  Failure to address these shortcomings has serious implications for employers, workers and their families, building occupants and the environment.

XRF-i lead surveys provide, without question, the most reliable results for properly evaluating on-site lead hazards, their potential exposure risks and hazardous waste implications.

Lead Testing Characteristics XRF-i Analysis for
On-site Results
Paint Sampling for
Off-site Analysis
Total Lead Analysis Lead Survey Lead Survey
High Volume Capacity for
Site-wide Coverage
Lead Survey Lead Survey
On-site Results Lead Survey Lead Survey
< 24-hr Reporting Lead Survey Lead Survey
100% Sample Integrity Lead Survey Lead Survey
Non-Destructive Sampling - No Mess Lead Survey Lead Survey
No Manual Sampling Exposure Risk Lead Survey Lead Survey
Complete Sample Recovery Lead Survey Lead Survey
Tamper-proof Data Log & Encryption Lead Survey Lead Survey
100% Data Integrity Lead Survey Lead Survey
Accredited Lead Survey Technicians Lead Survey Lead Survey

Complementary Services

  • SalivaCheck screening for Blood Lead Levels
  • Dust wipe sampling & contamination monitoring
  • Practical training
  • On-site monitoring
  • Consultancy support
  • Specialist products

LeadSurvey's unrivalled ‘real-time’ reporting capability puts you, the client, in control of your risk management obligations from the moment we arrive on your site.

For immediate assistance, call us on: 020 7118 0988 or email: [email protected]

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ON-Site LeadCheck®
Preliminary Indicative'DIY' Self-test

LeadCheck® kits provide a quick and easy, low cost ‘DIY’ self-test to give you an initial indication of the presence of lead-based paint.
WARNING: LeadCheck® kits should only be used as a preliminary'screen' or indicative test. They do not produce conclusive results. Although useful to identify areas for 'paint on surface' sampling and subsequent off-site analysis, they do not satisfy the legal requirement to quantify lead hazards on commercial projects.
Most importantly they’ll indicate the probable need to plan for managing 'significant' worker lead exposure issues, including:

  • Blood Lead Levels (BLLs)  &  Personal Air Monitoring
  • Lead Paint Hazard Reduction  &  Lead-safe Work Methods
  • Lead Dust & Lead Contamination Control and Containment
  • Lead Contamination Clean-up  &  Clearance/Re-assurance Testing

Lead Check Swabs

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OFF-Site XRF-i
'Paint-on-Surface' LeadSample Analysis

If you can send us ‘paint on surface' samples (which may have tested positive already with a LeadCheck® kit) we’ll provide rapid analysis, presented in a summary report. This will provide information to help you start to consider everything from: treatment, removal and remediation options; to exposure risks and work methods; hazardous waste management and site clearance issues.

These help to quantify potential worst case 'significant' lead exposure risks, but for tested areas only. Unless representative sampling can be achieved, which is unlikely on all but the smallest projects, reported results will fall short of a lead survey. 'Paint-on-Surface' sampling for OFF-Site XRF-i is useful to guide the proportionate implementation and provision of:

  • Blood Lead Levels (BLLs)  &  Personal Air Monitoring
  • Lead Paint Hazard Reduction  &  Lead-safe Work Methods
  • Lead Dust & Lead Contamination Control and Containment
  • Lead Contamination Clean-up  &  Clearance/Re-assurance Testing

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ON-Site XRF-i
Non-Destructive Lead Paint & Dust Survey

ON-Site XRF-i lead surveys are the only way to determine the full extent and variability of lead paint levels on a project. Portable XRF-i analysis lends itself to testing 100s of areas in a fraction of the time you’d need to obtain enough paint flake samples for ‘traditional’ laboratory analysis. If you want ‘suitable and sufficient’ data for robust risk assessments, portable XRF-i lead paint surveys are the answer.

They’ll allow you to fully quantify the severity and extent of project-wide 'worst case' worker lead exposure risks, to  allow for the proportionate implementation and provision of:

  • Blood Lead Levels (BLLs)  &  Personal Air Monitoring
  • Lead Paint Hazard Reduction  &  Lead-safe Work Methods
  • Lead Dust & Lead Contamination Control and Containment
  • Lead Contamination Clean-up  &  Clearance/Re-assurance Testing

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Exposure Monitoring
Blood Lead, Air & Dust, Clearance Certification

Lead exposure risks require health surveillance and biological monitoring. Once lead paint is confirmed and you expect to damage or disturb it as part of any repair, refurbishment, construction or demolition-related activity, you’ll need to comply with legal requirements to: provide training & information (to tradesmen & any occupants present); monitor airborne lead & employee blood lead levels (SalivaCheck); dust/contamination control & welfare provision...

Prices Available on Application

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Emergency Response

IF YOU HAVE A LEAD PROBLEM YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW BIG IT IS. That's when you need to give us a call. If you can explain the background to your particular situation, we can talk you through the most appropriate way to proceed.

If there is an immediate exposure risk to your workforce, or there are others in the vicinity who could also be affected, EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY. IDENTIFY & ISOLATE OR CONTAIN THE SOURCE OF EXPOSURE IF POSSIBLE. A thorough decontamination and clean-up of personnel, property ad equipment should then follow.

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